The "KISCL" (Keep Input Simple Commercial Loans) Web based Origination & Underwriting Software system is designed to simplify and expedite the loan process to avoid unnecessary forms and application packages that are typically requested to determine interest to do a loan. The KISCL team consists of seasoned Multifamily & Commercial financing professionals, analysts and underwriters with over 40 years combined experience. Our submission package presents the transaction in loan officer and/or underwriter ready format, which is accepted by the premier Apartment Lenders in the nation.

The KISCL software is directly linked to “on line” Loan Officers and/or underwriters that have competitive rates, the fastest response in the Industry and the path of least resistance. Our typical response from the KISCL loan submission package is typically 30 minutes to 24 hours. After the KISCL package is submitted, the loan officer’s work process is less than five (5) minutes. The quick turnaround is because the package is e-mailed in underwriter ready format, and the loan officer has access to the “back room” underwriting component of the software, and will be able to e-mail your response letter immediately. The typical input time for a Multifamily pre-screen is five (5) minutes for preliminary (Loan Quote Letter & Pre-Qual), or 15 to 30 minutes for complete online submission including loan application for a Conditional Approval Letter or Letter of Interest. With a complete submission package, the KISCL software is also ready to order the appraisal instantly, no waiting days for bureaucratic paperwork process.

The bottom line is that with minimum information, you will be able to discuss twenty one (21) different loan scenarios with the KISCL Pre-Qual. The concept of KISCL is to provide the maximum and most efficient response with only the most important information in the path of least resistance.

The KISCL Team

Bill Marti - CFO
Bill Marti has had a varied real estate career that started in 1968 selling houses in Imperial Beach, California to put himself through college at San Diego State. His career has also included subdivision development, condo conversion and Commercial sales. In 1993, Mr. Marti started his own single-family mortgage brokerage, which had offices in California and Nevada. In 1995 he headed the financial division for a group that bought apartment buildings that had condominium maps and converted them back to condominiums. In 1997, Mr. Marti started a commercial mortgage brokerage. Over the many years of involvement with real estate financing he has always been interested in finding new ways to make the onerous task of real estate lending more efficient. In 2001 along with Mr. O’Donnell the idea for K.I.S.C.L. was started. The goal was to make the multi-family and commercial loan process become as electronically efficient as the single-family mortgage industry had become. This will make the small balanced multi-family and commercial loans much less time intensive and more profitable for those who take advantage of this simplified process.
Lee O’Donnell - Senior Underwriter
Lee O’Donnell’s real estate resume started in 1983 working as an acquisition specialist for Multifamily projects in Southern California for partnership syndications. He was responsible for the acquisition and disposition analysis for turn-around properties. In 1987, Mr. O’Donnell started as a loan officer for Coast Savings & Loan, and for the past 18 years has worked for numerous Banks, Mortgage Reits or Mortgage Bankers as a Senior Loan officer and Regional Manager in Texas. Lee O’Donnell’s mission is to educate real estate professionals in the presentation of electronic submission for commercial loans to lenders with the “path of least resistance”. KISCL is the path of least resistance with the highest level of closing probability. Additionally, KISCL offers a training system to become a mortgage banker, loan officer and professional investment-acquisition specialist for your market area.
Dennis R. Ling - Partner, Marketing Director
Dennis began working for Mr. Marti several years ago as a refinance specialist at ICCC Loans, Inc. He has owned several businesses, the most recent is TTMAR Consulting, a website design co.. In 2003 he invested in KISCL, Inc., shortly thereafter he received his California Real Estate license. Using the KISCL Commercial Property Analysis software as a training platform, and trained by Mr. O’Donnell, he is now a loan analyst for the company.
Joshua R. Marti - Partner, Loan Analyst
Joshua Marti acquired a real estate license in 1999 and worked for American Tower Corporation as a Site Acquisition Specialist, specializing in leasing. In 2002 Mr. Marti took a position as a Compliance Officer at National Mortgage Company, at the same time was an assistant analyst for a Commercial Mortgage Brokerage.

Chris McLean - Partner, Commercial Loan Consultant
Chris McLean graduated with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M. Chris worked for Texas Instruments for 15 years. The first 11 years he worked in the Defense Systems and Electronics Group and designed guidance and control and autopilot software for various smart weapons. The last 4 years, he was responsible for the algorithms used in various TI calculators, including the financial calculators. He designed and wrote the Optionetics Platinum online options trading software product sold by Optionetics. He led the team in the creation of the K.I.S.C.L. web site. He has taken and passed the Arizona Real Estate licensing exam and is currently a commercial loan officer for Mortgage Lending & Investments, Inc. in Arizona (BK# 0906865.) He lives in Tucson.
Terry McKenna - Partner, MIS & IT Director
Terry McKenna has been working in the MIS field since 1993. Graduated with a Degree in Management Information Systems (BSBA) from The University of Arizona. Worked for an NSF research center at The University of Arizona for 12 years; 9 as the Director of Technical Operations and Planning. Maintained 15 servers, 200 workstations in support of 60 researchers. Provided support and technical advice to joint research with the US Navy and US Air Force. Started coding HTML in 1995 as a graphical alternative to DOS hypertext programs. Joined the KISCL team in 2004.

Quote from Lee O’Donnell

I was once told a interesting comment from one of the most seasoned underwriters in the Industry who said “80% of the decision making is with 20% of the information”. I always wondered why so many lenders ask for so much information upfront when the first piece of paper (Loan Quote Form) will tell you what you need to know for preliminary qualifying. As an Apartment Loan Professional and Acquisition Specialist, I need to know several things:

  • my market and initially how many units there are
  • the level of rents (low to high)
  • an estimate for market rents
  • the utility metering (master or separate)
  • current utility expenses and the owners stated maintenance
  • on site management expenses

This is typically the only initial information that an investor may have available. The seasoned investor will know what the operating expenses will be for Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance, Administration, Management, Replacement Reserves, etc. This is why the KISCL software has the operating history form and spreadsheet in the appraisal format! This allows for forecasted expenses to be estimated in one “Click” and ten seconds to check.” On this concept, I am able to do a complete pre-qual with just the very basic information (see our loan quote form) and provide accurate loan quote letter for 16 different loan programs in less than 5 minutes. “As a direct lender & mortgage banker, nothing else should be acceptable other than efficiency (high probability closing) and the path of least resistance!”

KISCL provides on going Nationwide training for entry level or seasoned loan professionals who wish to have “live” on line link as a direct lender or specific training as an Apartment Professional for Financing or Investment Sales. Call Lee O’Donnell for details.

Keep Input Simple Commercial Loans / Apartment Professional 3.0

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